Thank you Polly for the

Thank you Polly for the Love and the Light!
Polly is exceptional, loving, caring and highly skilled therapist. She will show you the way and make you think how to grow your own strengths!
She is empathic and she heals the soul and the body!
She is magician, positive and strong!
I m grateful for every single therapy with her. You can feel with your soul that she is giving the right decisions for you. After if you complete her advise you will benefit thourouly.
Her last book and all the stuff she is creating with her hands is also magical. I used to fly with the book, because I am nervous on landing.
Once I discovered that her handmade soaps are curing my migraine headache only by smelling it. A lot and lot of miracles you will benefit once you meet Polly. I fully recommend you to take the journey of your inner peace and try a therapy with Polly!

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